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Monsktadt House

Monkstadt House will be ready for bookings later this year.

R.Escape is in the process of renovating the former residence of the Clan MacDonald of Sleat; Monkstadt House.

History of the Property

This magnificent property took its name from a small monastery that occupied a nearby loch. The monastery was on an island in the middle of the loch. The house itself was developed and enlarged by the MacDonalds and became the seat of the clan chief in 1730 when they left Duntulm Castle.

Monkstadt House was involved in one of the greatest pieces of Scottish history as Bonnie Prince Charlie came ashore after fleeing Uist in 1746 and hid in a cave only a few hundred yards from the house. The owners of the house at the time, lady Margaret MacDonald, helped him to evade capture from the Red Coats which meant he eventually escaped back to France.


Monkstadt House is not available for bookings until later this year, but if you would like more information on the property and when we will be opening please email us at